About Our Company

"Lost Creek takes the time and care to make sure even the tiniest of details are managed, in every circumstance. From the largest to the smallest of projects — we accept nothing short of perfection."

Mike Stapley, Operations Manager

Local Welders providing world class quality & Service

Quality Control

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure your project is completed to the highest of standards.

State of the art equipment

To finish our projects efficiently and on budget we utilize some of the best tools in the industry.

Highly skilled and qualified

Our team consists of Level A & B CWB Certified Welders guaranteeing safety and quality are maintained.

Our associates


Lost Creek uses ISNet for consistent service provider pre-qualification.


Lost Creek values the safety of their employee's above all else.

Canadian Welding Bureau

Lost Creek employs only the best CWB qualified welders.

COR Workplace Safety

Lost Creek is proud to maintain a valid SECOR program.